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Why to donate?

El Aposento Alto is a ministry working as a business. One goal of the ministry is that the business will help pay for itself and to off-set the costs of ministry. As the center is in a very poor community, the current income is not enough to cover the expenses of operation and ministry. We are looking for partners who believe in this ministry and the work that we are doing in this community and the possibility of expansion to other areas of Costa Rica.

Economic Impact
El Aposento Alto creates jobs in the community.
With your support we will be able to employ 13 people:
-- 2 people in the barber shop
-- 2 people in the hair salon
-- 3 other people that work part time in the salon, by appointment
-- 2 receptionists who supervise and cashier
-- 2 teen assistants who manage the video game area
-- 1 nail salon coordinator
-- 1 ministry supervisor

That is 13 job opportunities. People employed and receiving training that would not otherwise be available..

We desire to be a sustainable business that supports itself. Doing Ministry as Business.
We will be reinvesting any money back into the ministry, and community and hope to be operating independently in 3 years.
With your initial support, partnership, prayers, and donations, you can be a part of giving El Aposento Alto a stable foundation for the future, and be part of the expansion to other communities and types of business, such as a Restaurant.

Thanks for your support and for partnering with us.


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My name is Diego Zúñiga, and I was born and raised in the country of Costa Rica. I went to college to study Veterinary Medicine which took me 6 years of hard, dedicated study. Also, to help me to pay for my education, I worked as a dog trainer and as an independent executive in a network marketing company. All of these were before I truly met God. I had regular dreams and goals: getting my degree, finding a good job, starting my own business and living the "good life".  By the end of 2014 I started working with an NGO called Seeds of Hope, where they teach and mentor kids and teenagers who live in very difficult neighborhoods. There, I met God in April of 2015, and I understood that my purpose was not to save dogs and inseminate cows, but it was something greater, bigger, that God had intended for me. When I met the kids in the neighborhood of “El Tigre“ in Parrita, a rural community on the Pacific coast, I just fell in love with them and their dreams of a be

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